Friday, September 2, 2011

Master Class with Judith Light | 10 Important Things to Know

Yesterday, I was fortunate enough to attend a master class, courtesy of Primary Stages, with one of my favourite actresses, Judith Light, whom I had previously interviewed last winter after seeing her performance as Marie Lombardi in Lombardi. I'm still over the moon I had such a great opportunity to meet her again. I have to keep pinching myself to see if it was real or just a dream. Actually, it was a dream, just one that came true for me ... again!

Ms. Light began the Master Class stating that this wasn’t like a normal class and declaring that she was not the master, at which point I was mentally rolling my eyes at that last bit because my mind was busy screaming "YES JUDITH YOU ARE THE MASTER TO ME AND I WORSHIP THE GROUND YOU WALK ON!" Me? Biased? Yes! Honestly, her humility is both genuine and heartwarming.

But she was right about it not being a regular class. This was more than a master class, this was a life lesson! It was more like a therapy session, as someone who works there said it would be and always is when Judith gives these classes. It was so enlightening, inspiring, empowering, mind-opening, tear-inducing, filled with much laughter and just overall wonderful! She basically let those in the class really lead the discussions on various topics that ranged from acting and the industry to personal stories and life in general, and she listened attentively, giving the speaker her undivided attention and responding with the utmost sincerity. I jotted down some notes but after a while, I stopped because why look at a notebook when you can look at her face?! She said that what’s important will stay in our memory and this is what stayed with me and which I'd like to share. I hope some others might find her words useful and take them to heart as I did.

Here are what I feel are 10 important things to know and remember.
  1. It is important to find people that are going to stick with you in life and be there to support you throughout it all.
  2. Everyone is always being guided by something. It might not seem like it but there is always some form of guidance present in our lives, be it in our minds or in the form of others.
  3. Nothing happens by chance, if things are meant to happen, they will and if the things you want to happen don’t happen … “SO F***ING WHAT?!” ;) (pardon the expletive, it's a direct and brutally honest quote)
  4. People need to stop doing things and just BE, embrace their being and existence first because we’re all here for a reason.
  5. “Bring every moment of joy to every moment of your life!” You’ll find that your life changes for the better when you do this because making the effort to be happy with the circumstances of your life, even if it’s not something you imagined for yourself, makes a difference.
  6. Get rid of timelines you’ve set for yourself because they take away the control you have over your life. Things will happen when they happen.
  7. “Just for today do not anger, just for today do not worry and be filled with gratitude, devote yourself to your work, be kind to people.” - Reiki mediation (Ms. Light, a very spiritual person, is an avid practitioner)
  8. This book should be bought and read: Buddha Standard Time by Surya Das
  9. Judith Light is an amazing person!
She sincerely cared about what we had to say and you can tell that she is always like this with whoever she encounters. It takes me right back to the day I interviewed her where she was open and honest and happy to be there. She shared personal stories of her own with the class, many of which I already knew of before but just to hear them come from her is something that is to be cherished. Because here is a woman who has had such an extraordinary life with many ups and downs, someone who has had great success which is very well-deserved, who is so brave but still gets terrified of the prospects ahead of her, and yet she is so humble and grateful for all that she has and is more than willing to sit down and talk with those of us who are still chasing our dreams and simply be there for us. Her feedback and advice was more than appreciated and I’m going to do my best to heed her word because it is law!

I cannot be more grateful to Ms. Light for her time, energy, and willingness to participate in this master class. She is a great inspiration to many, myself included if you hadn't noticed as yet, and if you are not aware of her existence ... please, I beg you on my hands and knees, Google her name, learn about who she is and what she does and then come back to me so I can point you in the direction of all her major work and the various causes she is an advocate for. And if you seriously have to Google her, why haven't you been aware of her before?

I could actually go on and on about this magnificent person but I'll stop right here ... for now. Just remember to open the windows of your mind and let a little LIGHT in.


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