Friday, July 29, 2011


It would seem that I cannot log into my blog here because my university decided to tamper with the e-mail system and make changes and as I was using said university's student e-mail account for that blog, everything is gone and I can no longer make use of that blog. I've already dealt with my panic and frustration about this whole ordeal in a mature way and I've created this new blog here so I can start afresh and perhaps be a bit more professional in my writing.

I thought about transferring everything else I'd written already from the other but that would be too time consuming and tedious. Instead I'll just transfer the article on Judith Light as it is one of my favourite pieces of writings and it means so much to me and then go from there and be productive for once. I have so many ideas, it's just further developing them and accomplishing them that's the problem.

So here's to a new start and a successful run with this blog. Wish me luck!


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